Survey Says – Dirty Restrooms are Bad for Business

Dec 30

So a new study wanted to find out the answer to the question – ”

Are Dirty Restrooms Bad For Business?

The bad news, we mean really bad news is YES: In particular the Bradley Hand Washing Survey found:

For businesses, an unpleasant restroom experience creates negative perceptions. Almost three-fourths (73%) of consumers believe a bad restroom indicates poor management. Another two-thirds say an unsavory restroom lowers their opinion of the company, shows the business doesn’t care about customers, and gives the impression the company is lazy or sloppy.

Yeah, yeah, yeah….so what you say. Here is the kicker:

An unpleasant restroom can also translate into lost sales, since 64% of Americans say they’ll either think twice about patronizing the business or will never frequent it again.

Will Never Frequent the Business Again….

The Bradley Group went onto say:

“In our fifth year of doing this national survey, it remains clear that the cleanliness of the public restroom is very important to customers, employees, and other stakeholders who engage with your business,” says Jon Dommisse, director of global marketing & strategic development for Bradley Corporation.”

The full article is here.

This focus on sanitation prompts the question to facility managers: have you checked the condition of your restrooms lately? If you want a way for customers to alert you that something needs fixing then we can help. See below. An anonymous, short way for any customer to alert you. The message goes to maintenance and the customer is acknowledged. Water is saved, maintenance is reduced, and the business is seen as anything but sloppy….moreover you will have just saved your customer base. 





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