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Discover what our customers have to say about our Live Customer Feedback solution

OPINIATOR has been implemented across many industries. The brands shown here are a sample of ongoing clients or previous projects that have used our technology to generate actionable feedback and understand what needs to be fixed within their business.

Opiniator's Great Customers







  • Health Care Health Care

    “OPINIATOR provides a real time option to gather and collect meaningful patient feedback – to make timely changes to the services and service delivery that will make differences to patients and clinic.” – Planned Parenthood.

  • Pest Control Pest Control

    “We have adopted OPINIATOR as a part of our operational systems and would highly recommend any service organization do the same.” – Halt Pest Control.

  • Marketing Services Marketing Services

    “Brilliant. in a word that sums up the OPINIATOR business solution – I’ve implemented OPINIATOR for several clients and its revolutionized the way they interact with their clients.” – LeftBrain-RightBrain Marketing.