Staff Alerts – Data To Action

Staff Alerts with Opiniator

Feedback is only valuable if action can be taken, to fix an issue or salvage a customer. If the survey results are unusual, OPINIATOR notifies the right staff via email or SMS with the details and the contacts, so the problem can be fixed, and the customer can be recovered. The ability to react to problems as they occur instead of waiting to receive comment cards complaining about problems when it’s too late to fix them is what makes OPINIATOR so valuable.
Staff Alerts – Data To Action

  • Quick Quick

    Alerts are sent within seconds of any response. Corrective action taken means no other customer will experience the same issue.

  • Effective Effective

    Multiple alerts per question can be sent. Each can be delivered to exactly the right staff – via email or text message.

  • Accurate Accurate

    Alerts contain all the info needed to fix the issue – rating, location, comments and the customers own contact details.