Why Customer Defection Matters

Customer defection has a huge cash impact – and creates negative brand exposure through complaints on social media. Traditional feedback tools like comment cards, mystery shopping, web/email surveys collect too little, and are too late for action, hence the prompt business action that would prevent customer defection does not occur. Improving defection rates has a massive impact on profit – to find out more, visit our calculator.


Customer Defection

  • Opportunity Opportunity

    “Cutting defection in half can double the firm’s growth rate.” F. Reicheld – The Loyalty Effect April 1998.

  • Expertise Expertise

    OPINIATORĀ is deployed in many industries and our staff are experienced in survey methods, question setting and analysis.

  • Value Value

    OPINIATORĀ is SaaS, decoupled from any proprietary system so can be set up quickly. There is no hardware to buy or software to download.