Live Customer Feedback and Recovery technology via Mobile Phones

OPINIATOR is customer feedback and recovery technology supplying actionable, on the spot customer feedback using the customer’s own mobile phone. With integral analysis and alert management, the business always knows how it is performing, can fix any issue and regain any customer. Ditch the comment card – Customer Defection can now be STOPPED.

  • Actionable Feedback

    Actionable Feedback

    On the spot fixes, customer communication and recovery.

  • Reputation Protection

    Reputation Protection

    No complaints, no social media exposure. Only great testimonial.

  • Staff Alert

    Staff Alert

    Immediate Email or SMS alert to the right staff, for corrective action.

  • Customer Rescue

    Customer Rescue

    Unhappy customers are contacted immediately – recovered and retained.

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  • Issue


    Customer defection has a big impact on profitability. Most feedback tools are too late for corrective action so the business continues to lose customers

  • Solution


    All customers now can feedback on the spot using their cell phone. The business gets immediate insight, knows what to fix and who to rescue.

  • Benefit


    Stopping defection means retaining revenue. Stopping social media complaints protects brand reputation and drives more business.